SkilledUp Life HR Team

We have now completed building our HR team which includes the following three members:

  • Elise – Head of HR and the first to join. No previous education or experience in HR, but this is not her first rodio.
  • Collins – Degree in HR. Additional Diploma in HR in progress. Working in HR in addition to joining SkilledUp Life.
  • Deimante – HR Degree with limited HR experience. Previously in marketing.

Working with them, we are going to build multiple teams including:

  • Product team
  • Marketing team
  • Sales team
  • Support team
  • Admin team
SkilledUp Life HR Team

Some members of these teams are already volunteering.

Our plans for HR do not just stay there. We want to capture best practices and make them available for any tech startup to replicate the same and start growing their own tech startups.

Lastly, for those who want us to be involved, we will offer the building of HR teams as a service. What do you think?

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