Education is vital for success

SkilledUp Life provides a compelling partnering opportunity for all educational providers, from those running bootcamps on AI or software development to Universities teaching a vast array of subjects.

Due to scarcity of jobs worldwide, it’s no longer a guarantee that you would land a fee earning opportunity (job) straight after the end of the education.

However, Experiences and Skills get you the job

The difference between landing a job or not comes down to many aspects. At the top of the list is graduate’s work experience.

SkilledUp Life is the ideal place to gain experience freely.

Type of Partnerships


Accelerated bespoke learnings with employment in mind.


Long and generalised yet deeper learning.


Providing a path for those who wishes not to attend University


EdTech software products helping with education.

Why Partner with us

At SkilledUp Life, we are building a two-sided market place with Volunteers on one side and early stage tech Companies on the other side.

Volunteers are 
any one who wish to exchange their time to gain new experiences and skills, which could help with their future earnings, in terms of landing their dream job or going freelancing.

Companies are mostly bootstrapped and due to lack of capital, struggling to move forward with limited resources. We want to help improve their chances of success.

Our Partnerships

Helping to build a global talent pool
univiser icon

Generate and nurture leads using the power of Peer to Peer conversations for Universities. Partnership allows young adults to start gaining experience early through SkilledUp Life.

Xpress J0bs

A leading RecruTech proposition from Sri Lanka. Those who lacks experience and skills to land a job is referred to SkilledUp Life. Once experience and skills are gained, Volunteers return to XpressJ0bs to secure paid Opportunities.

Women AI Academy icon
Women AI Academy

Data Science learning and employment programs for women. Partnership allows AI graduates to gain experiences via SkilledUp Life to improve their chances of employment.

Training Sensei
Training Sensei

SkilledUp Life Volunteers can gain additional learnings through Training Sensei training bootcamps to gain knowledge in topics that touch modern workplace.

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