Neusa Daiane Silva da Rosa

When we knew that Mithun and I along could not hit our first-year target of onboarding 1,000 volunteers, we went looking for Volunteers on SkilledUp Life who could help us achieve this vital milestone. Neusa responded to our calling and joined us from Brazil and helped us to achieve our target with 24 hours to spare.

Today, we say au revoir to Neusa as she ends her 3 months volunteering assignment with us. I took the opportunity to find out how her time with us has helped her.

Who is Neusa?

My name is Neusa da Rosa, I am 31 years old and I graduated in Administration in December 2019. In 2020 I started a distance learning English course. I worked for many years as an Intern and the last job I worked before SkilledUp Life was as a Waitress.

Career aspirations

My career plan is to manage processes and serve people. I like to attend, serve and facilitate without bureaucracy!

Attraction to SkilledUp Life

I wanted to be a Volunteer because it was an opportunity to learn more about the language I’m studying because I would make a lot of new connections and get involved in a tech startup project that could help me find a new job
in my career field.

Volunteering through SkilledUp Life

Neusa Daiane Silva da Rosa

Working with SkilledUp Life, I got involved in projects of all tech startups that are on SkilledUp Life. I can highlight Compaira, because I met Dr. Ram Raghavan, the CEO. I can also highlight interesting projects of Univiser and HaiX. Together with my Brazilian colleague, Laíse, I managed SkilledUp Life activities on LinkedIn. We updated the Linkedin Page with daily posts of opportunities on SkilledUp Life.

The community on this project was very friendly. Both the Volunteers and Employees of SkilledUp Life working at the same pace. I got a lot of support from Mithun and Manoj. I’ve never had bosses so close and who helped me so much, it really was an exchange of help!

Taking new Experiences and Skills forward

I really got the job I wanted. I’m studying Digital Marketing and People Management.

  • Skills acquired from volunteering:
  • Time management
  • Creation of digital content
  • Communication
  • Analysis of professional profiles
  • Design.

I learned about careers that I don’t intend to go after but that I would like to keep as knowledge, for example, Data Entry and UI/UX Design.


I recommend SkilledUp Life to those who are unemployed and also for recent graduates. Get involved in a project, invest their time and use the volunteering to promote themselves. The fact that I’m in this community of Volunteers made me visible in the formal job market.

Manoj and Mithun are great leaders because you both care to explain, this attitude encourages the followers. Very good things have happened in my life since I started working with SkilledUp Life! Thanks!

Few words from Mithun who Neusa reported to

Never worked with a more committed individual. Followed instructions to a T. She was always passionate about volunteering with us.

This coupled with her humble nature, great communication skills and keen attitude, allowed her to learn new things at twice the rate, achieving much for the company and even more for her career prospects.

I wish nothing but the best for all her future endeavors and can’t help but envy the future employer, fortunate enough to employ her.

Few words from me (Founder)

At SkilledUp Life, we can help anyone improve their future prospects. All you need is three things:

  • A computer and access to the Internet.
  • 18+ years old.
  • Can do attitude.

If you are reading this and wondering how to get involved, it’s simple. Follow the following few steps:

  • Sign Up
  • Complete your profile fully. Use about me (description) to introduce you and the type of volunteering opportunity you are interested in. Add Education and past Experiences. Add your current skills with level of competency. Upload your picture.
  • Search for Opportunities
  • One click to Apply
  • Use on-line chat to engage.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Neusa for being such a positive person to engage with and it was a joy to see her thrive during the last three months. Mithun and I wish her all the best and look forward to welcoming her in the future, whenever she feels it’s time to upskill again.


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    Congratulations Neusa. A well written and articulated recommendation. You have done well. All the best to you and your future endeavours. May you have more blessings and success in everything you do.

    • September 16, 2021
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      Neusa da Rosa

      Isaac very happy to read your message! I wish you every success on your journey! Extract everything you can from this experience! You are a great person and a great professional!

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