Last updated: 21st Oct 2021 (added Clause 12 to Volunteers)

Welcome to SkilledUp Life

SkilledUp Life is a two-sided marketplace where we connect Volunteers (free talent) with Tech Companies. SkilledUp Life website is owned by SkilledUp Life Ltd, a company registered in England and Wales (United Kingdom).


  1. Volunteer = An adult over 18 years old who uses SkilledUp Life to gain new Experiences and Skills. Volunteers cannot earn cash, crypto, digital currencies, shares, options, warrants or any taxable benefit in kind. 
  2. Tech Companies = Companies who are building scalable products. Software development businesses, consultancies, digital marketing agencies, digital transformation businesses, service companies are not allowed to register and use SkilledUp Life. Company Profiles and Accounts created by such companies will be removed without any notification.

Volunteer Terms of Use

  1. Volunteers are adults over 18 year old. If you are under 18 yrs, you shall not sign up for a SkilledUp Life Volunteer account.
  2. Volunteers are individuals who offer their time free to gain new Experiences and Skills to improve their career prospects.
  3. Volunteers cannot earn through SkilledUp Life. We separate “earning” from gaining Experiences and Skills. 
  4. Volunteers do not pay to use our service. SkilledUp Life is a free service for Volunteers.
  5. Volunteers are required to create an account and build their profile fully before applying for one or more listed Opportunities.
  6. There are no limits to how many Opportunities a Volunteer can apply, but we encourage you to select the Opportunities that would help you improve your career.
  7. Each Opportunity is expected to last no more than 3 months. 
  8. Opportunities are listed by early stage Tech Companies and the responsibility for their accuracy rest with the Company and not with SkilledUp Life.
  9. No Opportunity shall be started without a personal interview with the applicable Tech Company and without signing a Volunteer Agreement.
  10. Any issues you have with a Tech Company should be brought to our attention, but we do not have legal responsibility between you and the Tech Company. 
  11. Volunteers are not allowed to advertise paid services or use SkilledUp Life in order to sell a service. You will be given a week’s notice to remove such content, and failure to comply will result in deletion of your account.
  12. Volunteers shall not display contact information on the main body of their profiles. Main body is visible to any visitor, but contact information associated with your profile is only visible to our community.

Tech Company Terms and Conditions

  1. SkilledUp Life is only available tech companies that are building scalable digital products. See definition for exclusions.
  2. SkilledUp Life is made available to Tech Companies nurtured by Techcelerate free of charge.
  3. All other companies pay a monthly fee as listed on the pricing page.
  4. We encourage you to list Opportunities using the template provided.
  5. You are encourage to interview Volunteers before starting any Opportunities.
  6. Each Opportunity shall ideally be for a period of 3 months.
  7. No Opportunity shall commence without both parties signing a Volunteer Agreement.
  8. We have made available a sample Volunteer Agreement for you to use.
  9. Any issues you have with a Volunteer shall be brought to our immediate attention.
  10. You must not pay Volunteer or provide any taxable benefits. 
  11. You must not make any promises of future paid Opportunities or discussed them at the point of starting the Opportunity, and especially not during the interview process.
  12. If you wish to continue with the Volunteer on a paid role, you are recommended to sign a legally binding agreement after the ending of the Volunteer Agreement.

Informations We Collect

  1. SkilledUp Life is a live product and it retains any user data entered.
  2. Any email exchanges will also be stored by the respective solutions. 
  3. We may store information of those we converse through emails on Techcelerate CRM.
  4. We use Google Analytics and other similar products from time to time.
  5. We use Tawk for providing support via chat.
  6. We are currently experimenting with HubSpot.

Accounts, Passwords and Security

  1. As far as we are aware, we cannot read your passwords.
  2. We suggest you keep your account credentials secure at all times.


  1. As a service, we own the data in SkilledUp Life.
  2. You can delete your account at any time, which would wipe out your profile data.
  3. Our service is hosted by UK based NetHosted Ltd.