We are SkilledUp Life

We bring Volunteers and Tech Startups together.

We help to set up, grow and scale Tech Startups by providing unlimited free talent.

We help anyone over 18 years old to gain Experience and Skills to improve their future career prospects by undertaking short volunteer projects with Tech Startups.

SkilledUp Life is a life-companion product where you can dip in and out every time you need to up skill or put newly acquired knowledge into practice. 

Volunteer Market Place for Tech Startups

Our aspiration is to develop SkilledUp Life to become the world’s premier market place for building technology companies by tapping into teams of Volunteers from all across the world. 

By doing so:

  • We will develop a global talent pool that would be sought after by recruiters.
  • Remove barriers to career progression.
  • Delay pre-mature founder equity dilution.

Our Team