We recommend that all our Customers onboard an HR Volunteer first, who could effectively reduce the Tech CEO’s time spent on building a strong Volunteer team.

SkilledUp Life Volunteer Process

Let’s take a look at the stages of sourcing a Volunteer from SkilledUp Life:

  • Understanding the number of Volunteers needed and their roles [Document 1].
  • Publish the Opportunities on SkilledUp Life using the recommended template [Document 2].
  • Search and approach Volunteers that meet the role requirements immediately after publishing.
  • Once applied and the notifications are received, review Volunteer profiles quickly.
  • Reject from the Dashboard those who do not meet your minimum requirements.
  • Send the Pre-Qualification Questionnaire to those who meet the minimum requirements using the template email [Document 3].
  • If the responses are unsatisfactory, reject them from the Dashboard.
  • If the responses are satisfactory, arrange interview with the respective team members [Document 4].
  • Arrange and send the Volunteer Agreement for signing by the Volunteer and the CEO [Document 5].
  • Once Signed, start the onboarding process.
  • Arrange welcoming meeting and make the necessary introductions to team members, including granting access to software tools.
  • Arrange any training needed.
  • Organise the Volunteer to submit daily reports.
  • Conduct initial survey to capture the expectations of the Volunteer.
  • Conduct survey half way through the 3 month term to identify areas for improvement.
  • Conduct survey at the end of the term to capture feedback.
  • Deal with any issues raised during the term.
  • Ensure succession planning 1 month before the term ends.
  • Organise the offboarding process including preparing the necessary testimonials and letter of recommendation.
  • Make sure you withdraw access from software tools and take over any documentation prepared.

To help with this, we have now released the HR Tool Kit Part 1 which includes:

  • Document 1 – Organisational Volunteer Needs Capture.
  • Document 2 – Opportunity Template.
  • Document 3 – Pre-Qualification Questionnaire.
  • Document 4 – Interviewing Guidelines.
  • Document 5 – Volunteer Agreement and Guidelines.

This is just the start of sharing what works for us. Do get in touch when you are ready to work with us.

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