Isaac Lekgothoane

Hi everyone.

It’s Isaac Lekgothoane from Johannesburg South Africa here, originally from Limpopo province Ga-Mothapo. I write this blog post to let you know I have completed my journey with SkilledUp Life as a Social Media Manager.

I studied Media and Communications in my academic years at the University of Limpopo. I have vast knowledge in marketing, public relations, corporate communication, advertising, journalism, digital and social media management. All these are exciting fields that require constant up-skilling either through formal or informal learning.

Throughout my time at SkilledUp Life as a Social Media Manager, I have excelled and led by example to ensure all my duties are well executed with quality to make an impact daily. I have to admit, at first when I took over the role from my predecessor Laise who was already doing a great job, I had to keep up the momentum and I did. I adapted to remote working engaging with colleagues from Brazil, India, United Kingdom, Nigeria and other various countries.

I helped grow the number of volunteers from 1000 to 2000+ in a period of 3 months and also increased social media followers across all platforms. I grew their online presence by managing LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram pages for more engagement, and visibility. I created posts to promote SkilledUp Life, designed and edited content to be uploaded on social media platforms. I monitored social media trends and behaviour to make valuable marketing strategy adjustments.

My mentorship skills came as an added bonus to train new team members and volunteers to adjust in their roles for smooth participation and transition.

As my volunteer agreement comes to an end, I have learned from SkilledUp Life, colleagues, volunteers and gained valuable experience to further develop myself.

What’s next for me you ask? I am confident to utilise the skills I have gained in marketing and social media to add value in my next role. Don’t hesitate to reach out. Let me enhance your businesses and start-ups social media engagements blossom, and reach greater heights.

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to gain experience and work together with other volunteers worldwide. I hope our journey doesn’t end here, here’s to more success, achievements, collaborations, networking and opportunities.

I recommend volunteering at SkilledUp Life to anyone looking to gain experience and develop their skills.


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