Problem Solved

SkilledUp Life solves two fundamental problems:

– Help anyone over 18 years of age to gain new Experiences and Skills through Volunteering to improve their future career prospects.
– Help tech startups survive, grow and scale by tapping into free talent.



SkilledUp Life went live on 1st August 2020, having previously tested the model through Furloughed Life from 1st April to 30th July 2020. SkilledUp Life is a concept by Manchester, UK based tech entrepreneur Manoj Ranaweera.


Year 1

Our first year target was to on-board 1,000 Volunteers, which we achieved with 24 hours to spare, with the help of Volunteers. As SkilledUp Life was built with Techcelerate Tech Startups in mind, most companies who benefited from SkilledUp Life in Year 1 were Techcelerate Member Companies.

At the end of July 2020, having proven the concept, SkilledUp Life Ltd was spun out from Techcelerate Ltd. SkilledUp Life is fully funded by Manoj Ranaweera without using grants, debt or equity finance.


Year 2 Target

We have an amibitious target of on-boarding 10,000 Volunteers and 100 fee paying Tech Startups in year 2. To achieve this, we have started to build 5 volunteer teams including, but not limited to:

– HR Team
– Product Team
– Marketing Team
– Commercialisation Team
– Support Team

Volunteers join us on 3 monthly term basis commiting a minimum of 1 hr per day. They can be in higher education, recently graduated, undertaking an internship, freelancing, contracting or in employment. You do not need any previous experience or education to join our team. However, any relevant education or experience would be a plus. We do not provide training, but expect you to learn fast whilst Volunteering.

If you like to join our team, please check out the current Opportunities.