At Deal Lite, we want to capture and share investments of UK tech companies. We want to produce low cost and lighter application which is affordable to anyone. We offer our press release site free. Our weekly newsletter is priced at £5.32/month and goes out every Monday morning. Our web application is priced under £10/month, which allow you to search and filter the data we have captured since 2018.


Our Team

We are currently a team of three: A full-time Employee, A part-time employee (me, the Founder) and a Volunteer. Our first task is to capture, filter and enrich the data and share this weekly. We achieved this consistently for a year and then lost the momentum. We are now producing consistent weekly releases thanks to our Employee.


Your Rewards

All Opportunities listed on SkilledUp Life are voluntary positions, i.e. there is no direct financial compensation, promise of future paid work or any benefit in kind. The Opportunities will allow you to take on small projects to practise what you may have learned elsewhere in a tech startup environment. The output will greatly help us to become more organised and produce consistent richer results.


– Your efforts will be recognised on our Credits web page.
– You are welcome to add Deal Lite (part of Techcelerate) to your Linkedin profile, CV, etc.
– I am happy to provide a testimonial