How It Works for Companies

Register, Subscription and Approval

SkilledUp Life is built for Tech Companies to benefit from Volunteers. Please follow the following three steps.


Please create an account for approval. Make sure you select Companies tab on the Registration block when creating an account.

Our Review

Based on your registration, we will quickly review to ensure you are a tech startup and not an agency or any other business. If in doubt, it's best to speak to us well before you create the account. Use email, contact us, chat or our social media channel to engage in a discussion.


Please subscribe to a pricing plan. Right now there is only one plan called the right plan.


Your account will be approved as soon as we receive your subscription acknowledgement. Please follow the guidelines to post your first Opportunity and the subsequent ones. We are always at hand to help you create clear Opportunities to attract the right Volunteer for your tech company.

Volunteers are waiting for you

We are regularly speaking to our Volunteers to understand the type of Opportunities they are interested in. We can then work with you to create Opportunities that will be attractive to Volunteers.

At the same time, we are happy to engage with you to work out how to craft that winning Opportunity. 

We see engaging with us as a Win Win. Hope you do as  well.

To speed up the process, please engage with us as soon as possible. Once we give the OK, you can subscribe at the same time you create the account.