Compaira is a talent management platform that connects forward-thinking recruiters, companies with the right talent. We are building a solution here because we passionately believe that recruitment just isn’t right yet . We know that unconscious bias is a real challenge to all of us living our lives. Talent management allows us to develop a better, deeper understanding of individuals and help them to flourish. But when it comes to recruitment we don’t have the same level of insight. So it becomes easy to pick the safe option, the familiar option.  Compaira has developed unique profiling insight to form a richer picture of all candidates. AI allows us to connect through values and potential not just skills and familiarity and at a speed and cost that cuts through the normal process of recruitment. We use behavioural and AI algorithms to identify candidate fit from a role, competence and more importantly from a values perspective.

Our story

Oh Manchester. So much to answer for!

Manchester Business School to be more precise.

We can trace our story back to the meeting of minds of three of our team working their way through the MBA programme. Coming from different backgrounds we noticed, for all of our skills, we had to fit into a corporate mould if we wanted a corporate job. That just wasn’t us.

Roll forward a number of years and we had separately progressed careers, set up companies and made behavioural science discoveries. We had all worked with profiling tools developed from the PhD work our CEO and Founder had developed. We noticed how our profiles explained why we were such a cohesive group.

We all had the experience of recruitment and talent management from various angles and noticed how it was only possible to use profiling at the end of a process because of its cost. Then along came AI. The chance to tip the process on its head. Start with the person’s profile then work out the selection. The rest is history…..


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