Progress Hero

About Us

We hope this project will become a case study for all the bootstrappers out there! Techcelerate has recently obtained the code base of a product discontinued by a UK tech company. It had two previous owners and has significant technical debt. Think of a rusty car. Could we as a team resurrect it and make it road worthy, once again? If you like to get involved in this journey, do consider applying for one of the outstanding roles.


Current Opportunities:

– Setting up and bringing it to life [Volunteer 1]
– Improve the UI/UX and the overall design [Volunteer 2]
– Product testing and making sure it’s error free [Volunteer 3]
– Rebranding to Progress Hero from the old brand [Volunteer 4]


Progress to date: 

We have just on-boarded Salik as our Product Owner.


Your Rewards of Joining Progress Hero

These are voluntary positions, i.e. there is no direct financial compensation, promise of future paid work or any taxable benefit in kind. We can however:

– Provide a Linkedin testimonial.
– Allow you to add Progress Hero to your Linkedin Profile.
– Write Linkedin Post thanking you for your contribution.
– Share the same on Twitter.
– Give you free access to the product for 12 months.

But more than anything else, you will have a chance to contribute significantly to build a new product and a business, and know that you were highly appreciated for the contribution made.