Dicey Tech

Dicey Tech is an edtech company empowering tomorrow’s innovators by building the education infrastructure for Industry 4.0.

Education has always been the key to unlocking social prosperity. But, as industry is advancing towards the 4th Industrial Revolution, education is stuck in the 1st. We exist to connect the frontiers of innovation with the back rows of education, making education exciting and relevant, and preparing learners to thrive in the future of work.

Our vision is a world where everyone knows how to design and code as much as they know to read and write, enabling individuals to create technology to explore interests, to tackle fundamental human challenges, and to inspire and teach others.

Through 3DUCATE, we provide project-based learning experiences delivered via curriculum, as well as through virtual and physical bootcamps – where students learn technical, as well as human skills, and gain insights into different industries and careers.