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The first time I jokingly mentioned Nigeria was on 5th Nov 2020. On this day, SkilledUp Life team was just me and had a total Volunteer base of 64.

The emergence of Nigeria as a key market

Godwin Mayaki

By April 2021, we had a total of 15 Volunteers from Nigeria. We may had more, but that was what we could establish from the data. By May 2021, we recognised that Nigeria could be a market that resonated with our offering.

By November 16th, Nigeria has climbed to second place in our market rankings.

Our Nigerian team wants on on-board 25,000 Nigerians in 2022. A brave task led by our Volunteer acquisition warrior Godwin Mayaki.

Nigerian Partnerships

In 2021, we signed two partnerships with Nigerian education providers. First with StudiHub and then with Utiva. We were given:

  • StudiHub:
    • 13 Student contacts shared.
    • 9 has signed up.
    • 7 identified publicly as from StudiHub.
    • 1 full profile. Others partially completed.
    • No one has applied for an opportunity yet.
  • Utiva
    • 189 student contacts shared.
    • 138 students invited.
    • Number of signed up unknown (Sadly we cannot manually check due to the large number).
    • 19 identified publicly as from Utiva.
    • At least one person (Maureen) has joined our team.

We need to find a way to identify the success stories from our partnership with Utiva.

We are open for Partnerships

Godwin has set up our Nigerian strategy to onboard 25,000 Nigerians this year. To achieve this, we need to bring on board more partners.

Our ideal partners are those who provide education. By partnering with us, the education provider enriches their offering. With no added overhead or cash burden to them, we can offer Experiences to their students through SkilledUp Life, which the students (Volunteers) can leverage to land their dream job including changing careers.


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