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We achieved another milestone today when the 2000th person signed up to SkilledUp Life to gain Experience and Skills to improve their lives through career progression. If you recall, it took us 176 days to convince the first 100 people to join us. It was hard work then.

Days took to acquire 100 Volunteers
Time taken to acquire 100 Volunteers

Since then we improved our Volunteer acquisition rate dramatically, with the best ever been acquiring 100 in 4 days. We have spent £0 on volunteer acquisition. We’ve now started to capture the time it takes to acquire 1,000 volunteers.

Days took to acquire 1000 Volunteers
Time taken to acquire 1000 Volunteers

It took us 363 days to acquire the first 1,000 Volunteers. The second thousand came in 109 days. We need to add 9,000 more to hit our second-year target by 31st July 2022.

We are happy to share the tactics we adopted with our customers so that they could also repeat and improve upon our experience for the growth of their tech startups.

We could not have done this without our volunteer team, which includes Godwin Mayaki, Isaac Lekgothoane, Yolanda Tomu and Uma Srikumar.

During our march to the first 1,000 Volunteers, we were helped by the first wave of marketing volunteers that included Neusa, Laise and Epi.

Thank you so much for all your help. Nigeria is just about to become the most active country to benefit from SkilledUp Life.

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