UK unemployment rate

People who have been made redundant or have taken voluntary redundancy have skyrocketed to 14.2 to 1000 employees, according to the Office for National Statistics data.

BBC News reported today that unemployment rose to 5% from 4.9% making 1.79 million jobless (thanks Ram Raghavan for the tip), which is 418,000 more than the same period of the previous year and the biggest increase since late 2009. As expected, the hospitality industry is the worst hit followed by manufacturing, leading more than 50,000 unemployed when compared with the previous year. BBC also reports 81,000 new job openings.

The role for SkilledUp Life

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Well, imagine from an employer’s perspective. You have hundreds of applicants all with the same generic qualifications competing for the same job. Then they see you. You have done the smart thing. You used the redundancy period not just idling about but used it effectively to gain new experiences that will stand out against others.

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Please note you cannot earn through SkilledUp Life or gain a taxable benefit in kind.

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