There are many reasons for tech startup failures. Among them is the lack of human resources to turn their ideas into successful businesses. After all, people build businesses, until of course, robots take over the world, hopefully not in the near future and not in our lifetime.

SkilledUp Life fixes this by providing unlimited free talent, who commits 1+ hr per day on 3 months-long projects.

In return, our 1300+ volunteers from 60+ countries gain new experiences and skills that they can monetise elsewhere through a new job or going freelancing.

We charge £25/$35 per month to access our service but do not charge per volunteer. 

If you think your tech startup can benefit from SkilledUp Life, please follow the following simple process:

  1. Sign up for a Company account
  2. Create your company profile
  3. Select Pricing Plan (Free to Techcelerate Member Companies)
  4. Follow our template to create Opportunities
  5. Respond to applicants
  6. Send pre-qual questionnaire using our template
  7. Setup one interview
  8. Sign Volunteer Agreement using our template
  9. Approve on Dashboard
  10. Start on-boarding using our guidelines

If you do not have any procedures, processes, and systems, we are happy to share what works for us. Our Volunteer team now includes 13 splits across HR, Support, Product and Marketing. See for yourself at – select any team.

If you decide to sign up, please let me know and Mithun LanceWishma Wickramatunga or I can personally help in onboarding you.

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