£0 to £10k MRR

Setting up a tech startup is easy, but building a scalable tech company is harder. It’s especially harder if you have to bootstrap the business. Some founders are good at building products but suck at selling. Others are good at commercialisation, but lack the know-how to build products. Even if you have the know how of building and commercialisation of products, there is no guarantee of success.

But how do you build a scalable product on a shoestring? Companies are built with talent. If you don’t have sufficient capital, it’s near impossible to build a team.

£0 to £10k MRR

SkilledUp Life can throw a lifeline to tech founders who are struggling to grow. Our 1,700+ strong community of Volunteers can help you with almost anything. At SkilledUp Life, talent is 100% free. You just pay a small subscription plan to access our talent pool.

Our volunteer talent can help from:

  • Validating the startup idea
  • Develop the product
  • Commence building the brand
  • Create demand generation – initial pre-launch user/customer acquisition
  • Launch your product
  • Initial post-launch user/customer acquisition
  • Customer support
  • Product refinement
  • User/customer acquisition acceleration
  • Revenue growth and metrics
  • Operational efficiency improvement
  • Cash flow management
  • Human Resources (HR)

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