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Sri Lanka’s premier Opportunity Board, XpressJ0bs teams up with UK’s SkilledUp Life to improve the experiences and skills of Volunteers applying for Opportunities

Colombo (Sri Lanka) & Manchester (UK) 29/06/2021 (immediate release)

Since founding of XpressJ0bs 5 years ago, the company has led the charge in introducing Recruitment Technology (Rec Tech) to the Sri Lankan hiring sector. Today, XpressJ0bs is well recognised as a leader in the Sri Lankan recruitment market, serving the whole of the country and not just Colombo and the main cities. To date, 4,500 companies have advertised 60,000 jobs. XpressJ0bs is used by over 442,210 candidates who have submitted 1.8 million job applications to date. 

Among the new technology innovations brought to the Sri Lankan recruitment market by XpressJ0bs include smart-filtering, application tracking, CV less hiring, online timed quiz and video job adverts. In fact, thanks to these innovations, XpressJ0bs have become the trend setter for recruitment technology in Sri Lanka.

SkilledUp Life, an initiative by Techcelerate (a UK tech startup) was launched on 1st Aug 2020, as a direct result of Covid-19. The pandemic caused immense difficulties to tech startups in 2020. Investors withheld capital. Customers stopped buying. At the same time, job market dried up. Technology advancements continued to reduce worldwide job opportunities. 

SkilledUp Life is developing a two sided marketplace, with one side offering endless opportunities for anyone to gain new experience and skills by volunteering their time, and on the other side, unlimited volunteer talent for early stage tech startups. SkilledUp Life is used by over 650 volunteers from over 40 countries including Sri Lanka. 

SkilledUp Life is open to anyone aged 18 years and over. It’s ideal for young graduates looking to gain experience and skills to land their first job to experienced individuals who are employed currently but interested in broadening their skills to further their career or change the career path. SkilledUp Life is free to use and can be returned to when upskilling is required by anyone.

SkilledUp Life is also ideal for Corporates who want to be agile and innovative yet struggle due to internal bureaucracy. Corporates can send their employees to gain startups skills which could kick start real innovation.   

The partnership allows candidates who lack sufficient experience and skills to land a job via XpressJ0bs, to be helped by SkilledUp Life. Once job seekers have gained experience and skills via SkilledUp Life, they return to XpressJ0bs to land their next job. Same will work for those seeking a career change.

Dr.Oshadie Korale, Chief Operating Officer of XpressJ0bs commented,

“When we founded XpressJ0bs back in 2015, recruitment in Sri Lanka was managed the old-fashioned way of using spreadsheets and emails. It was a highly time consuming cumbersome process. We wanted to make this process simpler. This led us to found and develop XpressJ0bs.”

“Whilst we have achieved significant success helping over 4500 companies, we were unable to help a large number of candidates due to their lack of experience and skills. When we first heard about SkilledUp Life, we knew we found a partner who could address this challenge”

“As we grow, I feel that our duty of care should extend beyond just helping companies to find the right talent. We should go beyond our way to help those who are not succeeding. Once again, I feel we have a real opportunity to make a significant difference to the Sri Lankan job market. I’m excited about the opportunities that would present through this partnership with UK’s SkilledUp Life for Sri Lankans.” 

“This partnership will give Sri Lankans an exclusive and unparalleled opportunity to gain experience and skills by working with cutting edge British, American and other foreign companies, thus dramatically improving and modernising the country’s overall skill base, and not just the individuals taking part.”

Dr. Korale came across SkilledUp Life, when the business advertised on XpressJ0bs to find a candidate to manage it’s growing community of volunteers and early stage tech startups. 

Mr. Manoj Ranaweera, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of SkilledUp Life commented,

We hired our Head of Community from XpressJ0bs. During the application process, we came across a large number of candidates who had the potential and especially the education qualifications, but was automatically filtered out due to not having the level of experience and skills we were looking for.”

“It didn’t take us long to reach out to the senior management of XpressJ0bs to discuss a potential partnership where we could help and bring new experience and skills to those candidates who lacked them.”

“To gain experience and skills, a volunteer only needs four things: the desire to improve his or her chances, spare time, a computer and access to the Internet. It’s as simple as that. Once registered and the profile is fully completed, anyone can apply to any of the volunteer opportunities with a click of a button. Opportunities ranges from social media marketing, designing and developing world class software applications to becoming a data scientist.”

“The IT sector is growing rapidly. It can be quite confusing to decide which area to focus from testing software applications to maintaining infrastructure for graduates. With Skilledup Life, you can try different opportunities to find a discipline you find passionate about.”

“I am excited about the prospect of working with a passionate team at XpressJ0bs who wants to change Sri Lankan job market for the better.”

The Partnership has already started to bear fruit. Over 30 candidates from XpressJ0bs have already signed up to SkilledUp Life to seek experience and skills. To sign up, visit https://skilledup.life

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About Xpress Opportunities https://xpress.jobs 

XpressJ0bs is Sri Lanka’s premier Opportunity Board. A marketplace tasked to help companies hire the best talent. XpressJ0bs is already trusted by over 4500 Sri lankan and global organizations, has a proven track record of utilizing recruitment technology with a Sri lankan touch.

Contact: [email protected]ess.jobs +94117 422 414

About SkilledUp Life https://skilledup.life

Founded by Manoj Ranaweera (Manchester, UK based tech entrepreneur), SkilledUp Life is a two sided market place for anyone to gain experience and skills whilst providing a volunteer talent pool for early stage tech companies.  It is currently used by more than 650 volunteers from 44 countries including Sri Lanka. Tech startups from the UK, USA and Sri Lanka have listed volunteer opportunities.

Contact: [email protected] +44 7769734491

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