We have three types of Volunteers:

  • Those who need experience and skills to land their first or dream job.
  • Those who are testing a new industry, sector or discipline before a carrier change or pivot.
  • Those who are well experienced and looking for interesting projects to get involved.

For the last two groups of Volunteers, the companies need to work harder to attract their attention. This is where the company vision comes from. As Volunteers search for interesting opportunities to get involved, you are competing with other Companies on SkilledUp Life for their attention. Whilst we have not run any surveys yet, our gut feel says, that more visionary you are, the more interest you will receive from our growing Volunteers.

Make sure you review your Company Profile on SkilledUp Life to bring the vision out. If you need any help, do reach out.

Update – 26th May 2021

Today I received the following from a Volunteer (remove the company name and Opportunity):

I have read up the information on the xxxx web page. I admire the service the company provides for the tech industry and would be happy to volunteer for the xxxx position. I would be happy to be part of advancing the cause of the company and I also look to learn a lot from this role.  

Make sure you highlight the vision.

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