Chinte's Volunteer Experience

I’m Chinthake Mallawaarachchi. I had a tremendous volunteering experience over 6 months. The company I volunteered for gave extra attention to training and monitoring to make sure I was competent. It was wonderful to collaborate daily across the world with my colleagues. And the experience was thoroughly enjoyable. In the meanwhile learning about the business interests of the work I was involved in and the range of business activities and posts that are conducted on social media too. For me, the most interesting part was researching companies’ info on the Companies House register and seeing the history of their registration and what info was publicly available.

Before I joined, I expected to be given some tasks which I could work on remotely, which would give me a sense of fulfillment. And it really has. As a data entry Volunteer, my task was to research a company’s online presence and collect links on website, social media, business database pages and government registration, as well as getting an idea of the company’s area of activity/sector. I would then input this into the Deal Lite web application. This allowed me to develop my spreadsheet hard skills while I had to become familiar with the datasheet and its structure of information and links. I also gained some hard experience with social media platforms, using search functions in them to find company-specific posts, on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Chinthake Mallawaarachchi

I gained the experience of spending my period not only with daily communications with colleagues but also with regular online team meetings. This has given me some confidence in working with people. This has helped me to develop my soft skills of communication, task sharing and giving and receiving feedback.

For anyone who would like to take advantage of this opportunity I highly recommend it and hope that it can help you to also create your own story.

Image credits: Image designed by Chinte

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