Thinking of starting a tech startup

Quite a number of you out there are hacking away with your side hustle which you think might become successful. And there are others who are dreaming of setting up a tech startup hoping for an overnight success.

Setting up and growing a tech startup is extremely hard. The stories you reading of successful outcomes is actually related to a small number of companies.

I started my first tech startup back in 2004 with next to nothing tech startup experience. I burnt all the savings I had over the next two years after making mistake after mistake. I see many of you out there making the same mistakes even today. Whilst there are plenty of sources of gaining knowledge, unlike those early days, there is no substitute for real experiences.

SkilledUp Life could be the perfect environment to learn the trade by practising some aspect of your journey ahead. Here are some thoughts to dwell over.

Product Development

As you would need to turn your idea into a scalable product, which solves the identified problem, what type of opportunities can you get involved to learn the essential skills?

  • Product manager or owner volunteer role: This is essentially a project management role, but it require a lot involvement in terms of understanding the user requirements including perhaps even conducting user interviews.


Commercialisation starts with identifying the customer persona, understanding their needs to finally making a commercial transaction.

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