Day 1 of SkilledUp Life

Today is Day 1 of SkilledUp Life. We are live and kicking without any fanfare. As explained in our inaugural blog post, the concept is now exactly 4 months old. What we achieved during this time was covered in the above blog post, so I will not take time to repeat the same here.

On Day 1, we are starting with:

  • 6 tech startups
  • 11 Opportunities
  • 11 Volunteers
  • 1 Applications (interview arranged)
  • Team size 1
  • Ambassadors 1

Comments and testimonials on our existence to date covering the last 4 months.

Bethan Weston commented,

“This is a great opportunity to keep existing skills fresh and to put newly acquired ones into practice. I’m looking forward to learning more about a new sector, whilst hopefully helping a great business survive and thrive”

Nancy Duncan, CEO of Oneder App commented,

“This is a great resource to connect start ups with experts who can advise or work for sweat equity”

Arvina commented,

“I see the volunteering to be an unique opportunity for me to get my foot in the door back into IT after such a long career break raising children as a single parent”

Mitesh Chohan commented,

“I think the scheme is a great idea as it allows people to try applying their skills to roles they may not consider otherwise.

Ram Raghavan, CEO of Riddlebox and Compaira commented,

“It was really heartwarming to see the giving spirit of the volunteers and I was flabbergasted by their enthusiasm. I have a few volunteers helping me and the quality of work that has been produced in the past few weeks is just astounding. It has been an amazing experience working with these volunteers. Would definitely recommend this to anyone”

I’m looking forward to the future and getting to know more folks and tech companies from all over the world.

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