Elise Singleton

At SkilledUp Life, we are starting to build teams for tech startups, starting first for Techcelerate Member Companies.

But before we can show others how to, we need to practice this on ourselves. Our overall team (Techcelerate Group of businesses) has now grown to 25 (5 full-timers and 20 volunteers).

We are starting with building HR, Marketing and Product teams at SkilledUp Life.

A core part of this is the HR Team. Please welcome Elise Singleton who just joined as the first team member of our HR Team.

Elise Singleton

Elise was kind enough to explain why she wanted to volunteer.

“A few weeks ago I posted a public post on LinkedIn mentioning that I am looking for a new job opportunity in Human Resources In Munich. I was soon contacted by Mithun Lance saying that I could use SkilledUp Life to gain experience in HR as a Volunteer. I have no studies in HR nor do I have experience, so this was the perfect opportunity for me to gain the experience and knowledge that I need to find my dream HR job, and be easily recruited in the future. I am really excited for this opportunity and I am sure I will learn so much.”

LE NGOC THANH QUYNH (Epi) who has helped us with Volunteer acquisition (to get to 1,000 by end of July) is now moving to SEO, as it’s a new skill set Epi would like to acquire.

And of course, Neusa Rosa started a job on Monday on the back of her Volunteering.

Our projects are now capped for 3 months. But you can move across different teams and companies to continue to gain new experiences and skills, which can further your career.

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