SkilledUp Life Donation of £411.40 to NHS Charities

Last week, I donated £411.40 to NHS Charities. This was all the proceeds we received after payment fees for operating predecessor of SkilledUp Life from April to July 2020.

I would like to thank

  • Chris McCarthy
  • Ram Raghavan
  • Thomas Porteus
  • Yogeeta Chirekani
  • Bethan Weston
  • Keith Merriman
  • Michael Donaldson
  • Nicolas Clarke

for coming onboard helping me to setup and operate the service.

“Thank you so much for choosing to support NHS Charities Together’s COVID 19 Appeal. This is an incredibly generous donation and we are immensely grateful for your support”, Jaime Burford, NHS Charities Together

In addition, a big thank you goes out to following companies and tech founders for subscribing to our service.

  • Riddlebox – Ram Raghvan
  • Guestcheckin – Adam Brierley
  • Engage Your People – Kate Wood
  • Survivor Life – Laurence Cardwell
  • Octopus – Thomas John Behe
  • Oneder – Nancy Duncan
  • Hexocene – Jonathan Cauwood
  • Lokoli – Carley Morrow

Thank you all.

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