Wishma Wickramatunga

About Me

Hello! I’m Wishma and I’m a second-year business student and a future digital marketer. I’m currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in Business Administration.

Earlier this year I have gained interest in Digital Marketing. Since then, I have been self-studying the subject and keeping on top of industry news to continuously expand my knowledge! At the moment I am focused on applying the knowledge I have gained through completing online certifications by starting my own blog and looking for volunteer opportunities and internships in the field.

In my free time, I love listening to podcasts (The Science of Social Media, Nobody Panic, Life Kit, How I Built This with Guy Raz are some of my favorites!), reading, and playing video games.

After graduation, I hope to explore my career interests which are centered around Digital Marketing particularly Social Media Marketing and Content Marketing. I am also passionate about helping small businesses achieve their dream online presence and meeting their goals!



Bachelor's in Business Administration 2020 - Ongoing

Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology

Relevant modules: Principles of Marketing, Principles of Management, Business Communication

Work & Experience

The Stationery Mart

• Launched a venture in 2018 to sell unique stationery to customers based on Instagram, which generated over 100 sales within 4 months. • Improved customer experience by responding in a timely manner and setting up saved responses to frequently asked questions. • Initiated paid advertisements on the platform.


Time management


Pearson Edexcel High Achievers Award 2017