Sukhmanpreet Singh

About Me

I love solving UX Problems and get excited how technology can impact human lives in a positive way and thus brings value to the business.


I love observing Interactive_human behavior, User research, like to understand business objectives first, I then identify users and their needs with this information I can start designing innovative solutions that I can test with users. This way, get to see how these solutions effect them and learn valuable insights from them before commit to the solution. That way can avoid costly mistakes which are costly to redesign, when it is being used a lot. Value-driven but data conscious approach.


Currently, I am a student, Continuously Learning Human Interaction and User Experience Design. -learning to do Capstone project in Interaction Design with University of Calfornia,San Diego through MOOC Coursera.


Adobe XD 2021


Creative Problem Solving 2021

University of Minnesota

Design Thinking 2021

University of Virginia

UX design 2021


In progress

UX design 2021