Manoj Ranaweera (test profile)

About Me

I have been setting up and running tech startups since 2004 with many failures.

I founded SkilledUp Life in 2020 to solve a problem. During the early stages of a tech startup, it’s extremely hard to move forward if you do not have:

A large network
Enough capital, e.g. savings

Convincing others to join your fledgling startup for sweat equity does not always work. And your knowledge of how to build the company and turn it into a viable business may also be weak. What if you could find a free talent pool to help your startup survive in those early days? Think of this as all your friends with different skills coming on board to give you a leg up. Wouldn’t that be marvellous?


MBA 2002-2005

Manchester Business School

B.Eng (Hons) 1988-1992

University of Brighton (Brighton Polytechnic)

Work & Experience

Founder & CEO

SkilledUp Life


Founder and CEO. Founded to help those inexperienced to gain experiences. Those who wish to pivot their career to test out and gain skills. And for those who are bored with their job to get involved in interesting technology projects.


Building tech startups
Growing tech startups
Building and launching scalable technology products
Building teams


No awards I am afraid. Not worthy.