About the Company

At SkilledUp Life, we help anyone to gain new experiences and skills that could further their career. At the same time, we help tech startups to survive and thrive through our Volunteers. SkilledUp Life global community now includes over 900 Volunteers from 5o plus countries and over 20 tech startups from 3 countries.


About the Opportunity

SkilledUp Life is developed by our Founder using a WordPress theme and then adding plugins. We now need to improve the product significantly in order to increase our Volunteer base to 10,000 in the second year. We need an experienced PHP Developer to work alongside our Founder to improve the usability of the product, which currently has a number of bottlenecks.



– 3 months
– Part-time
– Remote



Working alongside our Founder:

  • Amend existing software to reflect the changes needed.
  • Write new software for new functionality required.
  • Remove conflicts due to existing plugins.
  • Establish best practices.
  • Build the product road map.


Acquired Skills

Potential skills you might develop as a result of this Opportunity:

– Get a deeper understanding developing a product.
– Learn how to develop an effective product road map.
– Learn to thrive in a small yet dynamic team (punching well above its weight).
– Learn the importance of paying attention to detail, consistency and rapid delivery.



Once a satisfactory outcome is delivered, we will:

– Provide a testimonial against your profile on SkilledUp Life
– Provide a testimonial for Linkedin that can also be added your CV/Resume
– Allow you to add Company Name to your Linkedin Profile.
– Write Linkedin Post thanking you for your contribution.



This is a voluntary position, i.e. there is no direct financial compensation, promise of future paid work or any taxable benefit in kind.