The Challenge

SkilledUp Life is built on WordPress with WooCommerce and may other plugins. The initial configuration has a number of bottlenecks which need to be ironed out. The opportunity is to review in detail the product as it is today and make necessary recommendations to improve the usability, as well as help us to implement them.


About Us

SkilledUp Life is developed to address two problems, these being:

  • Reduce wastage in building early stage technology companies.
  • Help anyone to up-skill during their entire adult life time.

We soft-launched on 1st August after trialling for 4 months under a different brand.



Your Reward

This is a voluntary position, i.e. there is no direct financial compensation, promise of future paid work or any benefit in kind. The Opportunity will allow you to take on a small project to practise what you may have learned elsewhere in a tech startup environment. If you are well experienced, then this will give you a chance to get involved in an exciting project.




– Your efforts will be recognised on our Credits web page.
– You are welcome to add SkilledUp Life to your Linkedin profile, CV, etc.
– Provide a testimonial