The Challenge

We wish to tap into Cloudhouse Audio App to help educate the audience about the existence of our free service for anyone who wish to gain experiences and re-skill. Working with our small team and founder, you will be responsible for:

  • Arranging, scheduling, moderating and participating in weekly events.
  • Participating in events organised by others.
  • Blog about these events
  • Help build our brand.


About Us

Skilledup Life was officially launched on 1st Aug 2020.


Skills Developed

Potential skills you might develop as a result of this Opportunity:

– Learn to operate within a small team (without supervision).
– Take total responsibility for delivery.
– Learn of how to build a brand presence on a new medium.


Your Reward

This is a voluntary position, i.e. there is no direct financial compensation, promise of future paid work or any taxable benefit in kind. We can:

– Provide a Linkedin testimonial.
– Allow you to add SkilledUp Life to your Linkedin Profile.
– Write Linkedin Post thanking you for your contribution.
– Share the same on Twitter.