About the Company

KAYA was launched on 8th Oct 2020. KAYA is a professional wellbeing management platform that

  • creates a wellbeing index for each employee and allows managers to help individuals identify their wellbeing challenges
  • Understand how that wellbeing challenge impacts individual performance
  • Use that insight to create support plans to address them.
  • Triangulate the impact of the intervention on performance to demonstrate if their wellbeing initiatives are working.

To know more visit https://kayawellbeingindex.com

About the Opportunity

We are looking for an individual who can critically assess our business, business model, communication, product offering and clinically dissect it to reveal what could be done better and what needs to be changed completely. We want to use that insight to fuel our growth strategy.


  • Critically evaluate and provide feedback about the product offering and the go-to-market strategy
  • Review our website and all promotional material that we are using to either show if we are on point or not

Once a satisfactory outcome is delivered, or on completion of the project we will:

Provide a Linkedin testimonial.
Allow you to add Company Name to your Linkedin Profile.
Write Linkedin Post thanking you for your contribution.
Share the same on Twitter.
Give you free access to the platform for 12 months.


This is a voluntary position, i.e. there is no direct financial compensation, a promise of future paid work or any taxable benefit in kind.