Hello! Givelist is a Marketplace Platform that allows people to make a universal, online Wish List for their wants and needs that can then be fulfilled by others wanting to donate or purchase that gift for the person making the request. We have our for-profit business (Givelist) and a Nonprofit arm called Givelist for Good, used solely by charitable organizations or individuals in need. As we continue building out the capabilities of our technology and growing our community organically, we are met with incredible demand and great excitement for our work. We want to share the benefit of this momentum and open opportunities for our interns and volunteers to grow as we do.


The Opportunity:

The Virtual Assistant Volunteer Opportunity with Givelist is a great chance to build experience toward a career as an Executive or Virtual Assistant – which is a valuable and growing need for many companies! This volunteer role will also allow you to grow your knowledge, connections and experience (or even portfolio) in Social Media Strategy and Project Management.


We are looking for a tech savvy individual that is well-versed in social media to join our team.

If you have an interest in marketing, building community and project management, we can’t wait to meet you!

Experience or interest in Graphic Design is a plus, but our ideal candidate has good oral and written communication skills and is a great team player who is thoughtful, kind and cares about truly improving the lives of others. The best candidate is a genuine “people person” with the desire to constantly improve themselves and the world around them.



·         Meet with other volunteers to discuss strategy, then build an organized list of to-do’s that volunteers will be working on.

·         Prioritize competing needs and create or guide a workflow that helps volunteers complete the larger project.

·         Build our community and connect with other volunteers, providing direction and encouragement in online forums or through posts, comments and activity on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

·         Collect & record volunteer feedback to be brought to management for solutions and help if needed.

·         Option to create digital content for social media use if you’d like. Use our tools to create art, text/copy, videos etc. that will help guide and engage our community.

·         Have fun, meet people & learn things while contributing to and growing a space for others to do the same.


This is a voluntary position, i.e. there is no direct financial compensation, promise of future paid work or any taxable benefit in kind. We can:

– Provide a Linkedin testimonial.
– Allow you to add Givelist to your Linkedin Profile.
– Write Linkedin Post thanking you for your contribution.
– Share the same on Twitter.