The Challenge

We are looking for a Google Data Studio Expert to work alongside our team to explore how to create elegant monthly analysis reports. If you have significant experience on the use of Google Data Studio and have an eye for detail, then we would love to help us.


About Us

Deal Lite is a product of Techcelerate, developed for the UK tech startup community. We capture investment data everyday. We share this through a weekly investment newsletter. We now wishes to create a stunning monthly analysis report with your help.


Your Reward

This is a voluntary position, i.e. there is no direct financial compensation, promise of future paid work or any benefit in kind. The Opportunity will allow you to take on a small project to practise what you may have learned elsewhere in a tech startup environment. Or you might be a highly experienced individual who just want to get involved in an exciting project.



– Your efforts will be recognised on our Credits web page.
– You are welcome to add Deal Lite to your Linkedin profile, CV, etc.
– We are happy to provide a testimonial on satisfactory completion.