About us

Compaira is a fledgling start-up that is trying to revolutionise how companies try to identify, recruit and manage talent. We are creating a platform that will help organisations recruit without bias and the platform uses behavioural and AI algorithms to help achieve this vision. Although we are a young company the team behind this has some serious experience which will help us realise our vision.

About the role

We are looking for an individual who can help us navigate through UI/UX testing for Compaira website.

Website link- https://www.compaira.com/


We are on the lookout for a volunteer;

  1. Who will not follow any rules and have a track record of identifying issues and rectifying
  2. Who can spot issues and problems in a product/ website when nobody can
  3. That can repeat the same process that you followed in redesigning or redeveloping a website
  4. Who is happy to provide feedback in an organised way for our team to sort the bugsGood Communication skills
  5. Ability to give presentations and explain the changes to the team
  6. Fluent in English
  7. Tech savvy
  8. Computer with internet access


Once a satisfactory outcome is delivered, we will:

  1. Provide a testimonial against your profile on SkilledUp Life
  2. Provide a testimonial for Linkedin that can also be added your CV/Resume
  3. Allow you to add Company Name to your Linkedin Profile.
  4. Write Linkedin Post thanking you for your contribution.


This is a voluntary position, i.e. there is no direct financial compensation, promise of future paid work or any taxable benefit in kind.

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