Gain real Experience and Skills

to land your next paid contract, employment or go freelance.

All Opportunities listed are voluntary.
You cannot earn or gain any taxable reward in kind.

Earnings from Experience removed. No more barriers!
All you need is the right attitude and access to the Internet.

SkilledUp Life

Visit job boards and freelance sites after you gained real experiences through SkilledUp Life.
Keep coming back to SkilledUp Life to re-skill during your adult life.
SkilledUp Life is not just for the young. We work with anyone above 18 to retired and beyond.

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Build your tech startup with Volunteers

Build your tech startup by mixing paid talent with free talent from SkilledUp Life and delay premature founder equity dilution.

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I’m Elise. Please do read my story.  Elise succeeded in landing a HR Opportunity after gaining Experience through SkilledUp Life.

Growing SkilledUp Life community


From aspiring Data Scientists to those who have built tech companies.


From our birth country, United Kingdom to Uganda in African continent.


With majority from the United Kingdom to United States of America and Sri Lanka.


From Social Media Marketing to Product Development to Business Development.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can anyone Volunteer?

Yes, as long as you are 18 years old, anyone can sign up and volunteer. There is no upper age limit.

Do you issue a Certificate?

Not at present. But we will explore this in the future. Check Opportunities for the endorsements provided.

What does Volunteering mean?

It means you cannot gain a financial benefit (cannot earn money) or receive a taxable benefit in kind for undertaking an Opportunity listed on SkilledUp Life.

Is SkilledUp life just for young Graduates?

No it’s not. We have well experienced volunteers in their fifties keen to get involved with exciting young tech companies.

How much time should I Volunteer for?

Please check the Opportunity you are interested in for time commitment. Usually, this can be from an hour to few days per week. 

Why should I Volunteer?

Volunteering through SkilledUp Life is one way to acquire  experiences and skills to improve your chances of landing your next job.

Can I claim Expenses?

All Opportunities listed are remote.  Use of your computer and broadband should be borne by you. There should not be any claimable expenses.

Can I Volunteer multiple times?

Yes you can. You can use SkilledUp Life to build a Volunteer Portfolio by undertaking multiple projects. More experiences and skills to land the next job.

How do I complete the profile?

You need to complete your profile to at least 70% in order to apply for an Opportunity.

Can I apply for multiple Opportunities?

Yes you can.